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  • 聯系我們



    電話: +86 21 6876 7790
    傳真: +86 21 6876 7790-8008
    電子郵件: info@ist-uv.net.cn




    Car headlights and parts of the car interior, cosmetics cases, smart phone cases – the list of coating applications produced with UV technology is getting longer day by day. Within recent years, IST METZ has positioned itself successfully in this market.

    With the first Industrial UV Forum by IST METZ, we would like to give you an overview of our product and services portfolio and show you the latest developments in this area. The event focuses on the finishing of plastics by means of UV technology.


    We will present practical examples and talk about other possible applications. IST experts as well as partners from the plant engineering area, from the chemical industry and renowned users will discuss the functionality and benefits of UV technology for your company.


    The forum aims at representatives of the ink, varnish and raw materials industry, of associations, the trade press and of course end users. The event will be held in German and English.

    Look forward to an informative event with lots of new impulses!


    Please download the programme!


    Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 (German)
    Thursday, November 29th, 2012 (English)


    Participation fee:

    The participation fee for attending the Industrial UV Forum is 85,- Euro (plus taxes). The fee includes drinks and food during the whole event.



    If you want to cancel your registration this will be possible until 15th November 2012. Rebookings are possible any time without any further charges.


    More information:

    Andreas Bosse will be there for further questions about the schedule and content of the Industrial UV Forums: phone +49 7022 6002-758 or email andreas.bosse(at)ist-uv.com.


    Hotel reservation:

    There are a lot of differently categorised hotels around Nürtingen.

    Please download our hotel list for further details.

    Lauterstr. 14-18
    D-72622 Nürtingen



    Please find the ONLINE registration form here.

    Please use the firefox browser. If there are still problems with the registration, please send an e-mail to andreas.bosse(at)ist-uv.com in which you state the name of the person that needs to be registrated, company name and address, e-mail and telephone.


    Please note that the number of participants is limited.

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