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    電話: +86 21 6876 7790
    傳真: +86 21 6876 7790-8008
    電子郵件: info@ist-uv.net.cn

    Press releases IST METZ GmbH

    IST METZ / Events / 05.12.12
    First Industrial UV Forum a complete success
    The first Industrial UV Forum from IST METZ GmbH took place on 28th and 29th November at the company headquarters in Nürtingen. Industry partners from system manufacturing and the chemicals industry, as well as renowned users and IST experts, addressed the main theme of plastic coating using UV technology.

    IST METZ / General / 30.11.2012
    IST METZ wins International Print Technology Award
    IST METZ wins International Print Technology Award

    IST METZ / CSR / 27.09.2012
    Donation for the 30th anniversary of IST METZ
    On the occasion of the company anniversary of IST METZ GmbH that was celebrated last weekend, Sparkassen Versicherung Nürtingen donated 1,000 Euro to the IST METZ FOUNDATION – TIME FOR PEOPLE.

    IST METZ / Trade fairs / 24.08.2012
    Bondexpo 2012: UV technology with adhesive power
    At Bondexpo in Stuttgart (8 to 11 October 2012), IST METZ and ITL will be presenting new solutions in the fields of adhesion and encapsulation.

    IST METZ / Trade fairs / 13.08.2012
    ICE Asia 2012: More power, less energy costs
    At ICE Asia (10 to 12 October 2012), IST METZ GmbH will be presenting its latest products from the renowned BLK? series at stand G03.

    IST METZ / CSR / 21.06.2012
    Social commitment of IST recognised
    IST METZ has been nominated for this year's "Mittelstandspreis", a prize awarded to medium-sized companies in recognition of their social commitment in Baden-Württemberg. The nomination comes in appreciation of the work carried out by the IST METZ FOUNDATION - TIME FOR PEOPLE.

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